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Healthy You Vending Machine Reviews


In the recent years, there has been a proliferation in vending retail particularly in the field of healthy vending.  Healthy You Vending is one of the leading companies in this field.  For the new investors who want to start their business, this is a great opportunity.  The Healthy You Vending Company was established fourteen years ago.  By now, it has made sales of more than one hundred thousand vending machines all the over the globe.  Therefore, this company offers a brilliant opportunity for people who want to start a business in the health foods industry.


One of the greatest advantages of Healthy You Vending is that it is not a franchise.  This is to imply that the costs that are made upfront, the trademark costs, and also the royalty fees are all eliminated.  This company also offers guarantees along with excellent customer service.  Whether you are a veteran or a newbie in the industry, Healthy You offers assistance in every stage of the business.  In addition to this, the company will help you to get the machine up and running. Check out this website about vending machine.


On the other hand, the company not only gives continuous training to stakeholders but also gives a two-day session of rigorous training to the distributors of their products.  This two-day training session offers hands-on experience that is helpful in handling the machines along with details regarding website support, proprietary vending software, and business operations.  This training helps investors a lot in running their new businesses.  Thus, it doesn't matter whether the investor is a newbie, but the fact is you can start earning as much as a veteran would earn after the training. Get info.


These vending machines are locally owned, and the distributors are able to access more than a thousand healthy products.  At the same time, Healthy You Vending usually provides healthy snacks and drinks which are natural, kosher, low-fat, gluten-free and low-carb.  The machine in itself has a number of advantages such as the acceptance of cash and coins and also the ability to read debit cards and credit cards.  This makes it very convenient for the distributors and also the buyers since they don't have to struggle with payment of products, check it out!


Also, the machine has a remote monitoring feature of which the owner will be informed of the products which are almost finished.  The machine also switches itself to energy saving mode when there is no one to operate it. Therefore, the drinks are kept cool overnight, and power is not wasted.